How our golf course hole advertising works!

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How it Works

Event Sponsorship:

1. A sponsor (or up to 18 sponsors) chooses the unique and ATTENTION-GRABBING Ad In The Hole™ concept during an outing.

2. Ad In The Hole USA™ produces custom ad-discs and ships them pre-installed in cups ready to be installed on the greens (turn key system).

3. The outing raises funds for their cause AND Participants in the event realize up to 50+ impressions each during the 18 hole event.

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How It Works

Ross VanDooser, GTAA-Tournament Consultant had the following comments after showing this at the ACCE (American Chamber of Commerce 2009 convention in Raleigh, NC):
"Many felt that it was a "fresh and unique" idea for their sponsors.  Something new and better than the traditional hole signs. They believed it was a much better investment for their sponsors, with better visibility and "forced viewing".  After discussing the concept and pricing, you could tell that most understood how they could make more money for their organizations either through higher sponsor package fee (with AITH included in the package), or the savings associated with "re-use" for multiple events."